Another great review!

7 Nov

Yet another glowing review for Kill Me Tomorrow!



Squished in amongst my other myriad duties and desires (ok, so that was a play on words for my most recent submission, which I managed to write in just three days!) I was asked to read and review Kill Me Tomorrow.
I almost didn’t take it up; I am what you might call exceptionally busy. However, the premise was intriguing. I read, as you well know, quite a few historical romances. And one of the things that makes me absolutely love them is the moment of sexual awakening on the part of the heroine (I have still been tempted to try to work out a virginal hero in a historic setting, but haven’t quite been able to make the idea gel.) Maybe it’s because my own awakening took place so long after the loss of my virginity that I romanticize the moment. Wouldn’t it be nice if…
I love those moments of first love, the trembling in the stomach and hands, the heat on cheeks, the slow stir of desire as you realize for the first time the power of a kiss.
So I’m glad I took the time to look over this short story; Jasmine is in a bit of bind. She has to be married TOMORROW to a supernatural of her choice, but if she’s a virgin on her wedding night, she’ll be disgraced. Jinn are supposed to be passionate and sexy, and Jasmine is anything but. She’s tried, oh lord, has she tried, but no man has awakened her desires. And now, so far past her prime as to be a laughingstock, no one even looks her way.
Until she meets Gavin, and in her greatest enemy, she might be able to find her greatest desires…
A fascinating little world – and one that I’d love to see more of – with a grand premise behind it, Kill Me Tomorrow has an emotionally satisfying ending, some piquant sex scenes, and witty banter between two characters that was enjoyable from the beginning.
For more about the writer, please visit Diane Alberts website.

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