21 Nov

I had the house all to myself today, a rare occurrence, and I managed to get 6,155 words written! Talk about a good feeling! Its been too long. Here’s a few peeks at my current manuscript, and untitled Young Adult book:

“Izzy,” Peter snarled, advancing on her. “Pack now. Or I’ll do it for you, and the first thing I pack will be your panties.”
“The prophesy can kiss my hairy butt. You know that I won’t let a stupid future teller destroy my chances at succeeding.”
“Sorry?” Her voice broke, and she angrily swiped the tears off her cheeks. “What exactly are you sorry for? Lying? Or pretending to like me to win?”
“Think, my dear. If he kills lover boy over there, and controls you, he wins. Right? The world ends, and all that jazz.”


Current word count: 26,236. Goal: 60,000




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